What is typical Papu product like?

Papu's collections are born from the collaboration of designers and an artist. Papu is best known for its unisex graphic prints and high-quality, long lasting products made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Papu’s clothes are designed to last: they genuinely grow with the child. Double buttons on babies’ bodysuits, sleeves with rollable cuffs and turn-up leggings make Papu clothes fit children a lot longer.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton has always been the material of choice at Papu. The GOTS certified organic cotton we use originates from Turkey.

Organic cotton farming has a smaller environmental footprint than ordinary cotton. On top of that, organic cotton farmers are not exposed to dangerous pesticides.

Papu is keeping a close eye on the development of new materials. We’re actively searching for even more environmentally sound alternatives to organic cotton.

Papu’s design philosophy builds on collaboration, transparency, sustainability and positive vibes.

Papu products are manufactured in Portugal and Finland. The GOTS certified organic cotton thread for Papu clothes is imported to the factory from Turkey.

Happy to take things seriously

From the very start, our ambition has been to produce our clothes in an ethical and sustainable way. We at Papu strongly believe that a company, too, can help make the world a better place by choosing to act responsibly in its everyday work.

Designed with love in Finland - Made with care in the EU.

Who is Papu?

The people behind Papu’s pictures and stories are two Finnish soulmates brought together by Papu, Anna Kurkela and Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä. These thirty-something mothers-of-two find their finest inspiration in everyday life. They’re no-nonsense forerunners and visual storytellers who don’t believe in girls’ and boys’ collections but draw daring designs for the world’s little people. Papu’s soft, high-quality clothes are made to be worn by children, from morning to night, from play dates to parties.

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