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Everything we do at Papu is based on collaboration, transparency, sustainability and positive vibes

COLLLABORATION …is everything to Papu. Nobody can make big things by themselves. We are happy that we have found excellent partners, companies and people around us. TRANSPARENCY ...has been a given at Papu from the very beginning. Our clothes are made in Europe because we want to be able to closely monitor our suppliers’ production and visit the production facilities in person, too. The organic cotton yarn comes from Turkey and the whole production from that on is made in North Portugal. Our products are transported by land from Portugal to Finland. This takes about a week, after which we send them on to our retailers. SUSTAINABILITY At Papu, sustainability means that we aim to create long-term relationships with our partners and genuinely develop the way we work with our suppliers. Organic cotton has always been the material of choice at Papu. Organic cotton farming has a smaller environmental footprint than ordinary cotton. On top of that, organic cotton farmers are not exposed to dangerous pesticides. Papu is keeping a close eye on the development of new materials. We’re actively searching for even more environmentally sound alternatives to organic cotton. POSITIVE VIBES Papu is made up of people whose lives have become intertwined over the years. Everyone involved shares the same endless curiosity and a desire to create something new. We at Papu want to keep developing – both as professionals and human beings.

  • The timelessness and adaptability assure that the clothes can be used for a long time. This and taking care of the product make the clothes ecological and long-lasting.
  • Children’s clothes are recycled a lot. We always keep this in mind, starting from designing the products. Unisex-products can be used for both girls and boys.
  • The quality of the materials and careful sewing shows from the clothes. Pap clothes are always produced in Europe, in carefully selected production facilities.
  • Endless curiosity and the joy in making things happen drives Papu forward. We always strive for better, and can always learn new things. The feedback from customers is very valuable!

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