Did you notice the new material in our
Composer collection? We are excited
to introduce Lyocell to you in our products
with the Major Compose and Drum Stick prints!

Here's more info about the material:

- a cellulose-based fiber,
manufactured from wood pulp
- when dry, it's the strongest cellulosic
fiber – even stronger than cotton or linen!

- feels soft, is absorbent and remains
fresh. That means fewer washings and
that way saving water and energy!

- the manufacturing process happens
in a closed loop system,
that all the chemicals used
 can be
used over and over again
, which
the manufacturing process

more environmentally friendly
We are constantly sourcing new, innovative
and sustainable fabrics: 95% of our materials*
can be regarded as environmentally preferred
raw materials. Through the careful material
selections and sourcing, we aim to
achieve functional and high quality products
that will bring you joy for a long time – with as
little environmental impact as possible.

*This percentage is calculated from
the total sourcing purchase volume of the year 2018.


  • Always check the care label and follow the given instructions.
  • 40 °C normal wash.
  • Please note that bright and colorful products can also release loose colors when dry, so wash the product with similar colors before use.
  • Lyocell is a sensitive material for stain removers and abrasion, so avoid aggressive substances and abrasion. Wash the entire product when any stains appear.
  • Lyocell may be slightly stiff after washing, but after drying it softens again. Ironing the product from the wrong side with a slight dampness will straighten and soften the material and help restore any shrinkage.
  • Do not soak and leave the product wet in the machine. Lift it immediately to dry.
  • Do not tumble dry. Tumble drying raises the energy consumption very high. Always dry your Papu items naturally. In the Summertime you can dry your clothing outdoors – just remember that the sun rays may fade the colors or make the fibers brittle.
Pictures by @viljapuuroa
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