Papu and Hakola have created a collaboration collection which will be released April 12th 2019. The collaboration of the two Finnish brands is based on a similar visual appearance, shared values and friendship. 

The collaboration brings new dimensions to both brands product range. The collection combines familiar shapes from Papu’s previous designs combined with Hakola’s high-quality interior design products. “We are very excited to work with Hakola, because our visual appearance is very similar and we are inspired by Hakola’s story and products. It is great to take part in developing new operating models, as a design collaboration of two strong design brands is not common in Finland” states Papu’s founder and Creative Director Anna Kurkela.

Hakola has over 50 years of experience in producing furniture. To this day, the products are still manufactured by hand in their own factory in Jurva, and together with young Finnish designers Hakola creates products that last from generation to another.

”When designing the print for the Papu <3 Hakola products I wanted to create joy, vividness and a light atmosphere to homes. I love the different tones the colour combinations can create – colours are like scents and sounds in a home. They bring an own kind of atmosphere amongst people” says Papu’s Art Director Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä when explaining the story behind the prints of the collaboration.

The collection includes small interior items, a pouf and tapestry. All items of the collection are made from start to finish in Finland. The fabric is printed in Aitoo and products are manufactured by hand in Jurva. The materials are also sourced from Finland.